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Alessandro Risso

Alessandro Risso


My name is Alessandro Risso, I'm a Freelance designer, minimalist and I love Helvetica and Apple

  • Customize our online portfolio, keep it updated and cared for is a sign of professionalism, so I put at your disposal on MockuApp, Mockup of all kinds at the cost of an Application to make resources accessible with minimal effort and a result Super!

    Alessandro Risso ITALY
    9 7 7 9
  • Chemiguardo is a young project, whose objective is to collect as many movie reviews, TV series and TV shows, to improve the user's choice between different titles.

    Rocco ITALY
    6 8 6 6
  • Seed Spot is an entrepreneurial incubator focused on growing communities by supporting early stage social ventures.

    Adam Mann U.S.A.
    7 7 6 7
  • Re-launched in September 2012 with an entirely new design and branding, offers stress-busting checklists, reminders, tools, insider tips and deals for the 40 million Americans who move each year in the U.S. The site’s recent re-launch marked the addition of several new features, including the following: how-to videos covering topics like how to drive a moving truck and how to move your flatscreen TV like a pro; moving calculators for budgeting; 90 city and state guides for deciding where to move; and an interactive checklist with dozens of to-do items to help stay ahead of critical move-related tasks and avoid missteps. It is the first web resource to address moving as a comprehensive life stage, and My Move works diligently to offer the most relevant moving deals and trusted resources that can save movers a truckload of cash and anxiety before, during, and after their move.

    Tank Design, Inc. U.S.A.
    5 6 5 6
  • Anthony Ousback is a singer songwriter from Sydney, a city he calls a town of drunkards and sailors, who’s ships never came in. For his online presence we created a responsive one-pager where less is literally more. The website sets the tone for his upcoming album, allowing the visitor to focus on his music via a minimalist design and well curated selection of typography, art and the use of one single colour (pantone 5255 C).

    Jack De Caluwe AUSTRALIA
    6 6 5 6
  • Find all the missing Converse Pro Leather Vulcs for your chance to win a trip to New York City with your crew!

    Cartelle NETHERLANDS
    6 7 6 7
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