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Im a digital creative working at TVC in Stockholm and co-founder of Tatchies glove company

  • New identity roll-out for digital business provider Cloud Nine.

    Cloudnine Creatives SWEDEN
    6 7 6 6
  • Be the Hero allows users to embark on three quick graphic-novel style adventures. The multi-platform HTML5 parallax scrolling narrative is built using Jam3’s proprietary in-house engine Leif.js.

    Jam3 CANADA
    8 6 8 8
  • The upgrade 2.0 of Labelabbymanter is already available. An updated tool with revolutionary software which will provide new and enhanced creative possibilities for your packaging projects using your own designs. There are virtually no limitations. With the new Labelabbymanter you will now be able to see your own label designs using a range of papers, finishes and printing techniques with an enhanced resolution and realism previously unknown. The new application is already for computers and the latest mobile devices. Labelabbymanter, an unconditional ally which opens endless possibilities for label printers and designers. Labelabbymanter: a tool at your creative service. See to believe, live to create.

    Brandway Branding S.L. SPAIN
    5 5 5 5
  • Creative digital agency with over 15 years of expertise in web projects.

    Weecom Digital Agency BRAZIL
    8 4 4 4
  • As Maserati's Centennial celebrations get underway, the special website to mark the occasion makes its debut on The website provides exhaustive details on the legendary Maserati marque, from its establishment in 1914 to the present day while #Maserati100 is the official hashtag through which anyone can keep track of all the Centennial news, events and content. The new website will allow visitors to learn about Maserati's history through a captivating voyage that takes in unforgettable cars, famous names, a timeline of the most important events, the biggest projects, the innovations and the many achievements in the world of racing. The content is enhanced with downloadable materials and users can even vote for their best-ever Maserati.

    Aicod ITALY
    7 6 5 7
  • Interactive multidevice game, devoted to a great holiday - New Year!

    Studio 38 RUSSIA
    8 7 7 8
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