The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet

  • Qbizm Studio – the first web-studio in Europe that is specialized on innovative 3D-site development.

    Alex Krylov RUSSIA
    7 5 10 8
  • KINGSDAY is a booming advertising agency situated at one of Amsterdam’s most gorgeous canals. Two and a half years after its rocket start in September 2011, it flourishes with (inter)national mass media campaigns for clients such as MINI, Flower Council Holland, The Dutch Heart Foundation, PepsiCo (Duyvis), Unilever (Knorr), ABN AMRO (MoneYou), and Smint.

    Kingsday & 51North NETHERLANDS
    8 8 10 10
  • We help clients bring digital products and services to market, no matter if you just need to improve or create something new.

    nodo BRAZIL
    9 8 9 7
  • Both the navigation and effects are pure CSS. I only used JavaScript for the keyboard handling. I wanted it as simple as possible, however consistent. That's why I have worked hard on the pages transitions. No icon nor image, just texts, which are also the result of hard work and many iterations. You can browse the website by using the arrow keys of your keyboard, but also the usual "J" (forward) and "K" (backward) and the numbers from 1 to 5 for direct access.

    Nicolas Torres FRANCE
    7 8 6 8
  • The side-scrolling resume delves into a colorful world inspired by game reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers. Leonardi is currently a Web site content developer specializing in graphics for Fox News.

    Robby Leonardi U.S.A.
    9 6 10 8
  • I'm a web designer / developer from Dublin Ireland.

    Tautvydas Slegaitis IRELAND
    5 6 5 5
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