22 Awesome Flash Websites

We can still find some great websites designed in Flash

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There had been some debate lately about the future of Flash. Many people had predicted its death. The rise of touch-screen devices, many of which don't support Flash technology, is a key player in this subject. Certainly, Flash offers some problems when it comes to updating and SEO, not to talk about the heaviness inherent to Flash projects. Aside from that, Flash offers a level of interaction with the user that other technologies hardly can achieve, altough this is changing.
HTML5 and CSS3 seem to be becoming the new standards in web design, but we can still find some great websites designed in Flash. In this post we compiled 22 awesome Flash websites. Check them out and decide for yourself if Flash should stay or dissapear for good.

  • Yugop

  • Bla Bla

  • Peter Philly Open Loops

  • Jordan BCT Low

  • Being Henry – Presented by Ranger Rover Evoque

  • Pretty Girl | Secret Beauty

  • Marta Marcy May Marlene

  • Eric Stanley

  • Nothing Compares to Havana

  • Flandre The Place to Be

  • Lois Jeans | Spring Summer 2011

  • Wekstatt

  • Reusch – Love Your Sport

  • Sagre Preta Chocolate

  • Silver Pistol

  • Biran Wilson | MBL Always Epic

  • Nespresso Variations 2011

  • UFC 116

  • Frontier Room

  • The Museum of Me

  • Upian – Deaf preachers

  • Atmozfears – DJ's & Producers

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