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Typography Design: 18 Excellent Websites Created with Big Fonts

  • February 03
  • By awwwards-team
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Arial, Garamond, Cooper, who cares?  Size is priority.
One of the latest trends in webdesign is working with BIG FONT.  Whether it's on the menu, the buttons, or just in the name of the blog, bigger is better.  Traditionally, print design has demonstrated how big characters send a clearer message.  Now, new fonts are easy to find - many websites offer fonts for free.
We have selected 18 excellent websites that focus on what matters, size.  We don't know what will happen to the print technology, but great typographies never die.

  • Polargold -

    Polargold -

  • CRW -

    CRW -

  • Academy -

    Academy -

  • Joao Andrade -

    Joao Andrade -

  • Uve Producers -

    Uve Producers -

  • Francois Chay -

    Francois Chay -

  • Carsonified -

    Carsonified -

  • Project 365 -

    Project 365 -

  • Digital Mash -

    Digital Mash -

  • Justin Cline -

    Justin Cline -

  • Chapolito -

    Chapolito -

  • 365 days of astronomy -

    365 days of astronomy -

  • Gummisig -

    Gummisig -

  • Zee -

    Zee -

  • Gritti Rollo -

    Gritti Rollo -

  • Iwfyn -

    Iwfyn -

  • Visual Box -

    Visual Box -

  • Liquid Shot

    Liquid Shot

  • London


  • Lysergs urediethylamid

    Lysergs urediethylamid

  • More Reasons Not To Go Camping

    More Reasons Not To Go Camping

  • Music Snob

    Music Snob

  • Ninjas vs Luchadores

    Ninjas vs Luchadores

  • Noah Express

    Noah Express

  • Now I Know My ABC's

    Now I Know My ABC's

  • RED


  • Salsacrifice


  • Solar System

    Solar System

  • The Beetles

    The Beetles

  • Tectonic Wormhole

    Tectonic Wormhole

  • Springfield Still Life

    Springfield Still Life

  • The Crystal Cloud

    The Crystal Cloud

  • The Eraser

    The Eraser

  • The Horde

    The Horde

  • The Milky Away

    The Milky Away

  • The Northern

    The Northern

  • The War Against

    The War Against

  • The Bull and the Bee

    The Bull and the Bee

  • True Love Will Find You In The End

    True Love Will Find You  In The End

  • Use Your Brain

    Use Your Brain

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