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10 Creative Uses of QR Codes

QR codes as one of the web trends of 2011

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At the begining of the year we read a lot of lists that focused on QR codes as one of the web trends of 2011. Quick Response codes, QR codes for short, are a type of barcodes designed to be read by smartphones and other qr scanning devices. QR codes consist of a pattern of black squares on a white background.
Everything is about mobility nowadays, we are no longer attached to a desktop computer, we could navigate the net no matter where we are to get information about the world surrounding us. The great thing about QR codes is that they link the physical world to online content. It could be said that QR codes are a primary form of augmented reality. We have seen QR codes in magazines, billboards, packaging, business cards, t-shirts… And they have a a multitude of uses, the most common is to provide the link to a mobile website, but they can also link to free coupons, free downloads, give directions or instructions, or make a phonecall, the possibilities are endless!
QR codes can be the gate to great interactive experiences that diffuse the lines between online and offline worlds.
In this post we have compiled 10 of the most creative uses of QR codes we found around the Internet to inspire you.

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